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Fountain City Recreation Commission (FCRC) believes that the pursuit of excellence in the areas of academics and sports helps develop maturity and self-confidence.  We believe that the experiences a player has with Fountain City's programs will be beneficial throughout his or her lifetime.

The focus of Fountain City Recreation Commission is the development of not only the player, but also the person.  Our goal is to maximize the development of the individual through programming that challenges each player and a coaching staff that adheres to high standards.  FCRC is resolute in dedicating its time and resources to the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of playing team sports.

Offered Programs

Recreational Baseball:
The primary objective of the Recreational program is to enable players to learn the game in a fun and stimulating environment. The focus is on developing their skills to help them be the best players they can be, while maintaining a healthy approach to competitive play. Players of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. All players are accepted. Teams are formed by draft to maximize team parity in each league.

Spring Baseball Season: 
Registration typically opens up the first week of January, and games begin the first weekend in April, unless that is Easter Weekend, with our Season Opening Tournament.  The goal each season is for each team to play in at least 10 games, whether that is 10 regular season games, or 7 regular season and 3 tournament games, or whatever combination helps us get everyone to 10 games. Weather sometimes causes chaos for this, but we do strive to hit the 10-game mark for everyone.  Each team also gets two practice times per week, weather permitting. A jersey and hat are included in registration fees for all divisions.  We strive to keep the fees as low as possible and still maintain good umpires, fields, and facilities.

Fall Baseball Season:
Registration begins mid-summer, typically, and Games begin the week after Labor Day.  Fall season is more for skill building in game situations and less about the competition.  We do have a season ending tournament to allow for a display of progress for each team in a semi-competitive format.  Uniforms are included in registration fees.  We strive to keep the fees as low as possible and still maintain good umpires, fields and facilities.

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Bobcat Baseball:

Bobcat Baseball tournament teams are made up of players in our Recreational program that have the skill and desire to take their play to the next level. This program is based on competitive try-outs.

Recreational Basketball:
The Fountain City Recreation Commission (FCRC) Basketball League is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable basketball experience for participants of all ages. The league promotes skill development, sportsmanship, and teamwork in a positive and inclusive environment. 

The FCRC Basketball League offers age-appropriate decisions for boys and girls, ranging from 3 to 12 years. The league aims to provide a balanced and competitive playing experience for all participants, regardless of skill level. In the 2022-23 season, we had 26 teams competing across the age divisions. 

The season typically starts in November with team practices and jamboree event to introduce players to the league and their teammates. Games are typically played December-February, culminating in post-season tournament where teams compete for the championship. 

Each team can have up to 10 players, ensuring ample playing time and opportunities for skill development. Teams typically have one practice session per week and play a minimum of 8 games, with a goal of 10 to 12+ games, including postseason tournament. 

For more details, please see our Basketball League Overview:
fcrc basketball overview 2023.pdf (

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The Fountain City Rec Summer/Fall Football Program consists of 3 different programs. 
Flag Football
  • 5 years old - 1st Grade
  • Games will be played at local high schools on Saturdays
  • Practices will be held at Gresham Middle School or Inskip Ball Park
Youth Tackle Football
  • 2nd - 5th Grade - age group will be determined by the grade level the player is in during the upcoming school year
  • Fees will include Helmet, Pads, Game Day Jersey all equipment will be returned at end of season.
  • Practices will be held at Gresham Middle School
  • Typical practice schedule is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Games will be played at local high schools on Saturdays
Middle School Tackle Football
  • 6th - 8th graders 
  • Fees will include Helmet, Pads, Game Day Jersey all equipment will be returned at end of season 
  • Practices will be held at Gresham Middle School
  • Typical practice schedule is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Games will be played at local high schools on Thursday evenings

The Fountain City Recreation Commission (FCRC) Cheerleading League is dedicated to providing recreational cheerleading activities to the community. The league promotes teamwork and sportsmanship, and will focus on developing cheerleading skills relevant to their appropriate age division.

Age ranges include rising Kindergarten through rising 8th Grade. Squads will cheer on age-based squads and will cheer for teams including Flag Football, Youth Tackle Football and Middle School Tackle Football. Flag and Youth Tackle Games will be held on Saturdays at local high schools and Middle School Tackle Games will be held on Thursday Evenings at local high schools.

The season typically starts early to mid-June with practices, 1-2 per week at coaches discretion. Stunt and Cheer Camp will be held in July, and games begin mid-August and run through October.



Baseball Divisions

Age Determination:

Please use the USSSA calculator to ensure your child is registered for the correct league. USSSA | Age Calculator

4U - WeeBall:  (
Ages 3-4 Years Old)
This division is set up to allow our youngest players to come out to the ballpark and be introduced to the game of baseball through learning the fundamentals of the game. Things such as running to 1st after hitting the ball (and not 3rd) are some of the simple things the kids learn. It is amazing how much playing in this league helps the kids later on! No score is kept, outs are not counted. Each team bats their complete lineup and plays for 2 innings or 1 hour.


6U - TeeBall:  (Ages 5-6 Years Old)
Now the game begins. In this league players are introduced to the "official" rules of baseball. As the name implies, players hit the regulation ball off of a stationary tee. Three outs or seven runs ends the inning. The primary goal of this league is to teach kids the fundamentals of the game. Games are played during the week. This league also plays in our tournaments whenever possible.


8U - Coach Pitch:  (Ages 7-8 Years Old)
The game continues. Only this time the player doesn't hit off a stationary tee, it is pitched by their favorite coach! Players continue to learn the game and grow their skill with the help of our dedicated coaches. Players have the added incentive of hitting that line drive to make their coach "dance." Seeing a coach dive to get out of the way is quite a sight!


10U - Kid Pitch:  (Ages 9-10 Years Old)
Put me in coach - I'm ready to play! Now it is time for the coach to get back to the dugout where they belong and hand over the reins to the players. In this league each team fields their own pitcher to out maneuver their opponent. Players begin stealing, bases that is.


12U - Kid Pitch:  (Ages 11-12 Years Old)
The gloves are off and we come out to play. At this level players are continuing to improve and are playing "real" baseball.


14U - Kid Pitch:  (Ages 13-14 Years Old)
The players and coaches in this division have been at it a while. They love the game and play with passion. Come see them play, they are something to watch!

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